Will Core Character

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Will Core
A Series I have made that features 6 character. In a realm where multiple world exist, each world follows one of three unique laws and powers. These three laws are reality, magic and Spirit. These worlds live together in peace. However, destructive demons known as corrupters gather as an army and spreads across the realm to consume other worlds and claim ultimate power. To face this crisis, 6 chosen heroes from different worlds and perspective work together and defend their realm and defeat a mysterious leader who manage to gather the corrupters.



Realm: Light
Race: Nature spirit
Gender: Female
Age: 18, body age 15
Height: 5.5ft
Weight: 106 Ibs,
Laws: Spiritual
*mom and dad/ disappear
*Grandpa / Hui
*Older Cousin/ Orchid

Power: Her ability is using the land and nature around her to fight alongside, communicate all living thing, give nature a will to move and restore nature as well. Her visual ability is to read anyone’s emotions and can tell people’s conditions. She is one of the Fastest, the best close range fighters, great team work skills and the best healer and durability on her team. She is not physically strong, too gentle and doesn’t have great intellect like the others in her team.

salador color complete with glow

Race: Light Demi God
Gender: Male Age: 21
Height: 6ft
Weight: 154 Ids
Laws: magic, spiritual, reality
*Mother- Dead
*Father- Dead
*Brother- Prince/ Abidan Deitina

Power: As a Demi God, he has the ability and the knowledge to use any of the three laws together which grants him the ability to use the powers of each law. However, he is limited to how much ability he can use due to the natural restrictions of each law. His main element is using light along with the three laws to manifest objects, parts of his body or beings with each or their own individual ability and functionality for a few seconds before disappearing. Additionally, the more creation he creates the shorter the time each creation last and their life link is connected to him. Using his tribal light powers, Salador can purify a corrupter and can even weaken them in battle by smiting them. During the process of purifying, his powers can remove the purified corrupter’s powers depending how great the sin the corrupter created. As a demi-god, Salador has the power to read souls, emotions and body conditions to see the true. Additionally, he can detect any darkness in a beings essence. Like all demi-Gods, he is able to travel to multiple worlds for one at a time and needs to recharge. However, Demi Gods are vulnerable in the dark world and they need to absorb light corrupter or light energy to maintain stability, however he is the only one that can survive without it but will be very weak without it. Salador is a capable warrior with great team work skills, endurance and mastery over weapons; however, he lacks stealth due to the fact that his light powers can give away his location. Salador has a unique demi-God ability that allows him to use his bonds to know the conditions of his allies, transfer his energy to them or allow him to gain additional power from one partner near him at a time and combine his light powers. Salador also have the power to recreate anything from light energy but only to support his ability to use his teammates.


onuko  white

Race: Artificial being
Gender: none Age: 25 years old
Height: 9.5ft
Weight: 455 Ibs
Laws: scientific
*Master/ great elder

Power: Onuko’s unique ability is to use matter construction to change the form of the object to whatever function he want with the limitation of the amount and the properties of the matter. With this ability, he can control machines by connection, and his powers can merge two objects, into one new weapon. For his attacking ability, he can use powerful force to explosively damage his enemies. This ability can even act as a gravitational force field that can repel attacks which allows him to charge his attack; however, this tactic will not allow him to move. Onuko has a unique ability to change the gravity of his opponents by touch. Onuko is known for his destructive power and use of his weapons in battle but the slowest in his team.



Realm: Light Race
Human Gender:
Male Age: 20
Height: 5.11 ft.
Weight: 145 Ibs
Laws: spiritual
*parents: unknown,
Power: ­­­­ Katsuo use elemental ninja style moves which, the stronger they are, the more hand signs or power they required. His eyes powers allows him view what both light and dark being’s visual perspective, see thing in slow motion and to detect spiritual energy. However, the Katsuo’s power is drains a lot of his strength. Katuso also have a smelling ability that allows him to smell and nearby corrupters and this ability doesn’t use much energy. In battle, Katsuo creates an attack using 2 different spiritual powers that can react like magnets when dealing with dark and light but must use them for an equally amount of time to balance his powers. He can’t be easily detected during battle and can use invisibility but it lasts depending on the user’s strength he can use. Create illusions that last a short time, transformation (which is not mush use in battle) or clones to evade or create an opening. He can used spiritual energy to create shuriken for throwing. Katsuo is the only hero in the group who can be immune to darkness and light side effects and is the greatest is in stealth. He can endure physically long period of a time. However, he isn’t the smartest, lacks defense, and doesn’t heal as fast as everyone else.

eden normal color

Realm: Light
Race: Human
Aspect: revolutions
Gender: female
Age: 21
Height: 5.7 ft
Weight: 135 Id
Laws: reality, magic
*Sister- Persephone
*Mother- Pyrrha
Power: Eden is the only hero who can use two laws simultaneously, which allows her to access new abilities, knowledge of operating more object and travel into more worlds without restrictions or suffer fewer side effects than others who uses only one law. Using magic with reality, she can minimize the conjuring time and gain control over molecules manipulation that has no will using two laws. To materialize using the two laws will take lots of concentration which will leave her vulnerable and can only create two things every hour. However, her powers are not as powerful as other beings that use only one law. The weakest form where she does not need any concentration is projecting magic holograms that will last for a short time. Using the two laws, she has the power to display a magic circle instantly and each has a unique area of effect ability and can manipulate the area to support her team or weaken the enemy. However, she need to cast a spell to use these effects. Using both magic and reality, she can create wireless connection or reconnect to minds of her teammates or machines for better efficiency. Eden carries a magic/cyber shelf to store all of her equipment and values. Eden possess one of the greatest support strength on the team and use strong area of effect ability, an above average body strength, speed and wisdom, but low average healing and stamina. She is a minor alchemist user to fuel her weapons powers and abilities.


shenlongShen Long
Realm: Light
Race: Mystic kin
Aspect: wisdom
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: change at will
Weight: change at will
Laws: magical
Relatives: parents/unknown

Power: mostly use water base attack to inflict damage, use 12 swords which one different talisman power which can be use one at a time, advance magic spells which some requires an incantation, use unpredictable attack, shape shift plus, his real form is a dragon to fight if he is serious. TianShenLong can use telekinesis by using his concentration and magic.His strongest element is water which he can create whole battle into an ocean. TianShenLong is also known for using unpredictable and viscous attacks that can trap and combo his opponents like a punching bag. His greatest ability is his defense skills and wide amount of wisdom, but lacks stamina, team work and to deal real damage to his opponents. Also, if his attacks are interrupt by an opponent’s powerful attack, he rarely will lose balance and will be wide open for an attack, however, he rarely lose his balance. In his dragon form, it’s hard to lose balance for him.

TianShenLong’s powerful magic is cure to create building block structure to form complex spells to provide dominion and barrier to anywhere near him of a certain dimension he is in,


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